WEBINAR: Energy Behaviour Change

Dr Lang will introduce several behavioural science concepts that are critical to understanding why people do or do not engage in energy saving behaviours. She’ll demonstrates those concepts using a case study of landlords’ energy efficiency behaviour.

A must see for policymakers and practitioners who want to draw on behavioural science to increase energy conservation.

Dr Michaela Lang

Energy Social Science Researcher

BehaviourWorks, Monash University

Michaela is a behavioural researcher with a focus on improving the health and environmental impacts of poor-quality housing. She recently completed a PhD examining the energy efficiency behaviour of small-scale private landlords. Prior to that, Michaela worked in local government, leading community engagement on climate change mitigation and adaptation initiatives.

VIRTUAL PANEL: Decarbonisation Lessons from Local Government

Local government decarbonisation champions will highlight the great work being done in local government, along with sharing lessons learned along the way.


More details soon.

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